CureApp and its “Digital Therapeutics”, together with NASH (Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis) have launched multi-center clinical trials of their Digital Therapeutics.

CureApp and its “Digital Therapeutics︎︎”, together with NASH (Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis)have launched multi-center clinical trials of their Digital Therapeutics.
CureApp Co., Ltd (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kohta Satake) in collaboration with Koike Kazuhiko and Assistant Professor Masaya Sato from the Department of Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine at the University of Tokyo Hospital, have been carrying out the research and development of “Digital Therapeutics”. We are pleased to inform you that we are starting multiple institutional clinical trials of the (NASH App) Digital Therapeutics, an application dedicated to the treatment of NASH (Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis).

This research follows the results of feasibility studies that have been conducted since 2016 at the University of Tokyo Hospital. It is a novel multi institutional clinical research project that has just begun and we aim to continue to obtain evidence to improve our product in a clinical setting.

Background and Future Perspective
CureApp aims to create new methods of medical treatment via the evolution of mobile technology. We aim to create individually optimized (personalized) medical care that will provide better treatment results than previous methods. For those patients who have historically been difficult to connect with, we are now able to reach them using “Digital Therapeutics︎︎”. This allows us to be able to see their perceptions / habits and time zones (away from the hospital, at home, going about their daily lives etc.). We are planning to construct a mechanism that can quickly and appropriately follow up with patients depending on their unique individual conditions.

It is well known that NASH progresses to cirrhosis of the liver as well as liver cancer, and there is concern that the number of patients with NASH-based liver cancer will increase in the future. Even though it is believed that there are 2 million people in Japan alone who have been diagnosed with NASH, which develops as a background result of obesity (the preliminary population is estimated to be about 10 million people), there is currently no available established treatment. Individual clinics for weight reduction and doctor recommended exercise are the only treatment methods available.

Furthermore it is impractical to provide the appropriate behavioral therapy required to patients in the limited time available at outpatient visits. It is also difficult for patients to receive continuous treatment. Therefore, if an application is able to continuously obtain information on a patient’s medical care and provide guidance that is optimized for each individual patient, without the need for outpatient treatment, the application is able obtain results without significantly increasing the burden on both the patient and the medical staff. We are hoping that this method will become the standard in the treatment of NASH in the future.

Also, if treatment via weight loss through patient recognition and behavioral improvement can be achieved, it will lead to the prevention of not only cirrhosis of the liver and NASH induced liver cancer, but also expected to reduce the rate of other diseases linked to obesity and contribute to the reduction of medical costs in Japan.

The Current State of NASH Treatment in Japan
The number of obese people in Japan (BMI ≧ 25 kg / m2) is 13 million for men and 10 million for women. About 40% of male patients and 20% of female patients who have undergone a health screening exam are reported to have a fatty liver that is not related to alcohol intake. Along with the Westernization of meals, the number of patients with a fatty liver is increasing year by year and is currently estimated to be approximately 10 million in Japan.

Among them, the number of NASH patients who are at risk of developing liver cirrhosis or liver cancer in the future is believed to be roughly 2 million. NASH is considered to have a marked effect on a healthy life span. Patients diagnosed with NASH in Japan and abroad have been shown to have not only liver cirrhosis and liver cancer but also have a high risk factor of death due to myocardial infarction and other complications.



About CureApp Co., Ltd.
CureApp Co., Inc. is a MedTech venture company that conducts research and development for the manufacturing of medical treatment equipment using advanced software technology based on medical evidence. In order to create a brand new medical service in Japan in which “an application is able to treat a disease”, we are working on the development of “Digital Therapeutics”: An application that treats diseases.

The aim of “Digital Therapeutics” is to create a new effective treatment through analysis and guidance provided by an application that uses medical knowledge and evidence based on the daily treatment course of each patient. It also has the possibility to contribute to the improvement of conditions by encouraging the development of habitual aspects of a patient by transforming their awareness and behavior. We have begun clinical trials early in Japan and the first “nicotine addiction therapy application” is currently undergoing clinical trials. We have also begun developing applications for multiple diseases.

In addition, based on models produced in Japan, we plan to expand globally as “Digital Health Solutions from Japan”.

The development status of the current “Digital Therapeutics” is as follows.

An application for the treatment of nicotine addiction: Joint development with the Respiratory Department of Medicine at the Keio University School of Medicine. Multicenter cooperative clinical trials began in February of 2015. Clinical trials began in October 2017.

The Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) Digital Therapeutics: Collaborative research with a hospital affiliated university. Ongoing clinical studies have been in effect since October of 2016.

【CureApp Co., Ltd. Company Outline】
Company Name: CureApp Co., Ltd.
CEO: Dr. Kohta Satake
Head Office: Kodenmacho YS Building 4th Floor, 12-5, Kodenma,Nihonbashi, Chuo, Tokyo.
Capital and Capital Reserve: 1,000,000,000 yen
Establishment: July 31, 2014
Business Information: Program Medical Device Development, PHR (Personal Health Record) Business, Mobile Health Related Service Business

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CureApp Co., Inc.
Public Relations: Mishima


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